Lasagna With Garlic Bread

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I'm still stuck with my no-rice-diet. I'm afraid of diabetes, that's why. I am substituting rice with less carbo breads, noodles and pasta. For my lunch today, I chose garlic bread and lasagna. I've always loved lasagna. It's also loaded with carbo, but this is a small slice and I think that's just enough calories I need to get on with the day. It's a Monday after all. How are you all doing? Have a good meal to help you get fired up, like I do.

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Ginoo ko! Ang sarap naman yan Sir!

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Medyo hehehe... Salamat @olivia08 !BEER

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Hey @olivia08, here is a little bit of BEER from @benedict08 for you. Enjoy it!

why don't you stay off from carbs at all? instead, choose wholefoods, like fresh vegetables, reduced seasoning on meat intake. that should do the magic.

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