Staying Home With Beer and BBQ

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The NCOV-19 scare has everyone panicking, most of us are staying home and working from home. We are awaiting further instructions if there would be a city-wide lockdown. I just wish this crisis would end soon. I heard WHO has declared it as pandemic. I am still hoping it is not as bad as it sounds. I really wonder how NCOV-19 will end. We are already faced with a lot of issues before NCOV-19, it's really tough and trying times. Sometimes I wish we can rewind everything and live simplier like in the past with less noise and chaos, but we cannot do that. What we can do is just live every moment as best as you can and enjoy the little good things that life brings. Like right now, I could be all scared and paranoid about how fatal this NCOV-19 will be if it spread fast in our community but I am not gonna do that, I choose to be hopeful, calm and positive that we will get through this in a few and we just have to be brave and cautious and be smart about coping with this problem. If staying indoors will make you avoid it, then stay home and have your own little party with some beer and backyard barbecue. Stay safe, everyone, cheers!

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Thanks for your support. Offices in the UK are now getting setup for remote working and my college is also implementing remote working. Let's hope this doesn't get much worse. At least you're enjoying the high life :)

Top Tip: If you want a private jet, just take any plane to a foreign country, they're usually empty at the moment 😂

~ @CADawg