Revisiting COC Because of Community Quarantine from Covid-19

in wherein •  7 months ago 

This is Day 2 of the Community Quarantine of the entire Metro Manila here in the Philippines. We have stocked enough food supply (I hope) and we are all working from home now. At times when I get bored I just play games or visit Steemit to see if I can curate some posts. I have revisited Clash of Clans because of this semi-lockdown. I call it semi-lockdown because we cannot go out of the Metro and same with people from other provinces, they cannot visit us. No one leaves Metro Manila and no one can come visit. This is a month long ordeal. I'm glad they did not really put us on lockdown like no vehicles inside the metro or shut down establishments and all that. It's just the travels that are shut off for a month but we basically can move around and buy stuff and have access to basic social services. All gatherings and events are cancelled though, even private ones. It's gonna be a trying month for sure! But hey, we can do it! This is prevention, this is life-preservation!

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