The Ever Favorite Kare-kare Covid Quarantine Edition

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Kare-kare is a Filipino beef stew with thick peanut sauce. I grew up loving this dish because my mom used to cook this a lot. I learned cooking it when I was young and this has been one of my favorite things to cook now that I am a bit older and I miss my mom in heaven. The lockdown or community quarantine is making me a bit bored and I think it's about to make me fat because of all the food I am cooking. I am perfecting my kare-kare, I am studying how to plate it to make it look palatable. Anything to make a bored guy entertained, really. Hahaha! Anyway, I need to balance this cooking and eating with ample amount of fat burning. I may jog later or do some push ups to avoid being out and being near people. Oh, how times have changed. Covid-19 please spare us and go away!

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