Exclusive test drive

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What is Exclusive test drive? This is it! for the first time our whole family dine in to Nando's after more than 2 months of social distancing.
Today is also the 2nd day of Aidil Fitri of the Muslims celebration of their breakfast. Breakfast as in literally they did a long hour fasting for everyday where they don't eat during the sun is up, for one whole month. So yeah, it's supposed to be a real event, but the pandemic does brought everything down.
We did practice straight social distancing, and keep personal hygiene at first place all time. Restaurant staff are attentive, but female tiger wasn't too happy with the smokey smells in the restaurant. Other than that, it's a fairly fun "test drive" experience for all of us.

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Haha, female tiger, I hope you did not show her this article😂

来自于 [WhereIn Android] (http://www.wherein.io)