I miss the lockdown

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I thought the lockdown ended, things will ease off a little bit, apparently it didn't. My workplace is still half workforce(not exactly half aight).
Breakfast at OKay restaurant with a very affordable dried noodle with pork. 2 things I like about this dish, one being having some fried onions, second being cheap. 5 Ringgit. that's like a dollar at current exchange rate.
2nd and 3d photos are the lunch I ordered. I'm sure I reached there not too late, but still I almost missed my lunch as there's nothing much left to sell in the restaurant! Amd that's before 1:30pm. BBQ and roast pork rice is marvelously tasty!
Finally dinner at home. Some are leftovers by the kids as they couldn't finish theirs. Added with whatever saved by female tiger, I guess that just made up the rest. Burp

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thank you

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對呀。下次把黃兄和娃們帶來找蜀黍😊 帶你們去玩去吃😊

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will do. thank you

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