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Who wants to wake up early on Saturday morning, when there's the only 2 days off from work, many would rather choose to stay in bed, and enjoy more sleep time. And here I am, woke up 6am in the morning, got myself brushed up, replied a few messages, and getting ready to go out.

Not that I'm the only one, some old folks from the neighborhood are up having a walk there as well. As I walk over and say hi, the older guy asked me back, how are you doing? You're having trouble to sleep in just like us? Looks like age is catching up. When you're old, you tend to sleep less.... Dude. I can sleep more, I can sleep all day without giving a damn, but I just can't afford to sleep too much or I will miss my morning walk, and get lazy.

It was a short drive from my parent's house to the Kledang hill, it was situated at the north east of our town, in about 5km away from my house. I can walk there, but I guess I won't be going up hill anymore if I walk there, so I'd rather drive there, and walk the hill.

There's this history in the family. My elder brother once took his bike with his fried, rode all the way here and climb this Kledang hill. What happened was, they left the bike at the pedastrian path, thinking of a pad lock would secure the bike, and by the time they came down, the bike was stolen. They had to walk all the way back home. My dad almost file missing person police report on that incident. My brother got a huge nagging and no allowance as punishment. He already feeling sad for the lost of his most beloved BMX, and still getting punish for being a victim. Anyway, I guess that taught him to be even more careful when he grew up.

After the hike, I packed some food for my mother, and the kids. Since my sister arrived, we all took a hire car and went to the hospital to visit my dad. We spent the morning there and by around lunch hour, I had to leave for my own family, once again I took the hire car to get home. Parking at the hospital is a real pain in the butt.

After lunch, we went to buy some school uniform, school bag, and I got myself some really old fashion cloth for me to wear to work. Frankly, I gained so much weight after I have stopped smoking, I really need some new shirts that fits my current shape. I will have to somehow lose some weight, but it's not happening immediately. I will still have to survive these few months until I have some success in weight loss.

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I really like this place to watch and enjoy the landscape and take pictures, here in Venezuela there are many places like this. An affectionate greeting from Venezuela. #onepercent #venezuela #concursoyotevisito.

Thanks for stopping by. Its my home town, slightly at the north side of the country.

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