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it was a busy Tuesday at work due to I have a dinner appointment with few of my close buddies a.k.a client, I had to rush all my work and get them done on time, so I can sneak out of office earlier to avoid bad traffic.

Other than that, I am also arranging to pickup my car, the one that has a faulty engine, it is now healthy with a new heart transplanted, but certification has not been done, taking the car out will be a great risk of getting the car impound if found out I'm driving without proper documentation. At this point of time, engine is in, the car is ready to roll, pending royal customs to issue the import tax so we can pay the levy for that imported engine. Yea it's import, not JDM, so it's kind of big hassle to get the document done.

I did not take my breakfast immediately after I parked my car. Instead, I had to go to the office to settle an important quotation. By the time I realize, it is almost time KFC to switch their breakfast menu to regular menu. I throw all my document aside and rush to the KFC and got myself a bowl of porridge and a cup of coffee. Nothing beats the seriously strong air-conditioning blowing right to my face whilst enjoying a big pot of hot porridge and a cup of hot coffee in the morning. Funny isn't it? Does KFC serve porridge breakfast in your country? Let me know at the comment below.

Immediately after I got back to the office, one of my client called in to pickup his document, so I prepared all the necessary document and bring it downstairs for him. After a few casual chat, it was about time for lunch, but I'm still too full from the late breakfast, so I only ordered a plate of roasted chicken, roast pork and BBQ pork. I know it probably won't so good to my health, but at least it's low energy low carb.

Finally, dinner time. We meet at the Goldhill Club for dinner, and the dinner bill were taken care by one of our best friend Jeffrey. More than a thousand bucks he paid, for 8 person. Not necessarily spent, but we enjoyed the company of each other.

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[WhereIn Android] (http://www.wherein.io)


[WhereIn Android] (http://www.wherein.io)

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