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As I realized, #thediarygame has concluded it's season. I've seen other people posting about how thing has changed, and some talking about seeing no reward, and a little bit of frustration here and there. I think it all could be iron out.

As for myself, I've dropped the idea of getting a vote from the officials since the day my friend accidentally harrassed some of the curators. I'm not blaming him, neither do I find fault. I only know one thing, I have done my best and I did nothing wrong to piss anyone off. I'm glad things turns out fine, and I don't mind the no vote being given. All I'm trying to do is, maintain a habit of writing.

And if you follow my posts, every Friday I'll be writing on how much pork I consume in a day whilst the catholic family going for abstain on the same day, I did just the opposite not because I want to, so happened that's the day I had to meet my client which love pork like his life. I have decided to just skip those pork photograph to keep this page alittle more HALAL than usual on this Friday.

It was gloomy in the morning, and just before we got in the car, rain downpour. I had to umbrella the boy to school and proceed to the meetup point with my client, and of course following up with a heavy porky feast.

After gone back to office, I had a little bit of paper work, sign off a few endorsements, mail out some of the important attachment and proceed to meet up with another client. Seriously, nowadays Friday is the worst day going out the market due to heavy traffic. It literally took me 2 hours to travel 20km. The meeting only lasted about half an hour, we talked terms and had a deal, which my client will continue to support my company for another year just to see if we can iron things out.

After the meet, I have no where else to go and I do not wish to take another 2 hours traffic jam to go back to office, instead I turn right back to the mall nearby my house, sit myself at the food court, get a cup of coffee and continue to work on my phone. By the time of finishing office hour, even getting out of the mall become heavy traffic and I had to crawl myself back home with almost standstill speed.

Before I got back up, I took out the spare key for the little white car which recently had an engine transplanted, kick it start, did a little driving just to keep the battery charged. We will not be using this car for the time being, as I need to arrange it for the inspection and redo all the qualifications and permits before we can reactivate the insurance. Mechanically, the car is fine now, but it's still unsafe to drive in terms of regulations. I don't wanna get into trouble in the event of loss, my insurance claim could be voided due to the engine transplant.

After my evening shower, turned on the computer getting ready to do some blogging, figured my stomach started growling, as I was just remember I forgotten to eat my dinner. So, a bag of potato chips, a can of soda and call it a day. Screw diet. I'm just too tired of that, especially on Friday.

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you said it is right, everything could be ironed out.

[WhereIn Android] (http://www.wherein.io)


[WhereIn Android] (http://www.wherein.io)

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