Is hospital food in Malaysia nice? Present to you the Rojak Passembur

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Trying out Hospital Cantine food while waiting for my turn later to check on dad when my brother had a chance to go see him after his 5 hours sleep from work.

Dad had nightmares for the first time and I was up since 3am, but managed to take 3 hours nap when my brother stays with him

Let's get back to the review:

The location though requires us (front-liners, medical staffs and care takers) to walk a bit but the surroundings bring solace and better data connection which allows me to do some work and update my post here.

The Rojak Passembur is actually a fusion food between Indian salad ingredients influenced by Malay spicy peanut sauce, though for this dish was a bit sweeter than the usual ones, still taste decent.

Some might think it is not spicy enough; but if it is too spicy, I personally feel the joy of tasting the fruits, eggs, turnip, tofu and special wheat balls would have been nullified and lost its worth.

For me, it can be 🌟🌟🌟⭐

⭐ = 0.5 star

These days due to more covid-19 cases re-emerge, it has made care takers a lot harder to get in, while senior patients would feel more neglected because children has to both juggle work and taking care of them.

家庭重要,赚钱养家还债也不能辜负。希望STEEM 价可以帮助拼苦的人们吧。如果可以直接用它来买食还债多好。

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Thanks for contribution! Had to give you full upvote!

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Haha. Thank you.

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3.5 out of 5, it's quite good. BTW, I'm @wilhb81 here 😁

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Oh hello!

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I can place 3 if I disliked the sweetness lol.

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It is wonderful to see that the hospital is applying social distancing well, including yummy food too!

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