The #ilovesteem Campaign Using Wherein dApp

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Good day steem community and all #wherein community members. I am joining the #ilovesteem campaign, and I will tell you one reason why I love steem.

Steem Gave Me Hope

My first introduction to the crypto space was when I fell for ponzi schemes trading with bitcoin. Back then in 2026/2017, I lost a lot of my savings to these schemes, but steem saved me.

First if all, steem provided a platform where I could earn income without any financial investment. I was sceptical at the beginning, because it was too good to be true, but since I had nothing to lose I decided to give it a shot.

Being from a developing nation, the little earnings I make on steemit goes a long way in complementing my financial obligations. For the reason, I openly declare my love for steem.

I ❤ steem

Many thanks to the supporters of this wonderful campaign - @wherein and @stephenkendal.

I am...


[WhereIn Android] (

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I've shared this post on my twitter handle @tolustx

[WhereIn Android] (

Cash Prizes

Thank you for supporting the #ilovesteem promotional event by @WhereIN.

Your Blog will be entered in to win one of the 3 following Cash Prizes.

Steemit Steem Blog.jpg

Cash Prizes.!!

To help support @WhereIN with their #ilovesteem promotional event I will giving the 25 #Steem Dollars Cash Prize to 3 lucky winners as follows....

1st Prize = 15 #Steem Dollars

2nd Prize = 7 #Steem Dollars

3rd Prize = 3 #Steem Dollars

The Winners of the Cash Prizes will be announced shortly after the close of the #ilovesteem promotional event soon after 1st July.

Prizes will be awarded to those that have been creative with their support for @WhereIN and their #ilovesteem promotional event and explained in their Blog why they love #Steem so much.

Good luck.


Nice to see you

Thank you

Hello Tolustx
Good Luck with the contest. I hope you enjoy posting with the WheteIN App!
I have upvoted this post and your Steem Dollar will be sent!