The Case of the Missing Leaders

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For a couple of weeks we have been reading about the possible demise of Kim Jung Un the leader of the Democratic People's Republic of Korea better known as North Korea. It was stated that he had undergone a bypass heart operation that had gone awry, that due to his obesity, diabetes and smoking habits and having contracted COVID-19 he had succumbed, that he was not dead but was in a coma, well all sorts of things, and all of this was backed by some intelligence agencies and by most news media the world over.

But in fact this year this is actually the second time a country's leader has been presumed dead because he hasn't been seen in some official acts. Our next door neighbour's leader Daniel Ortega was also reported as dead by news agencies and some intelligence agencies, again he was thought to have succumbed to underlying conditions and COVID-19 attacking him, that he died in an airplane accident etc.

The thing is both of them eventually have appeared on state run and independent media, both of them looking OK, and none the worse for wear. So what is behind these types of rumors? A wish that they really die? A call for the people of these countries to rise up in arms against what is left of their governments? I personally think these are just fake news that intelligence agencies and governments spread to see if they can gain some advantages with them.

Both countries are totalitarian states, more so North Korea, Nicaragua still has the pretense of free elections, but I live in Honduras there are no free elections in this area of the world. And another curiosity, for me at least is that both of them have hardly any COVID-19 incidence, North Korea 0 and Nicaragua 14 cases the last time I saw. Frankly I believe the North Korea number more, Nicaragua has not closed borders has not applied palliative measures and it borders two countries that have an ongoing pandemic, Honduras and Costa Rica. While North Korea is after all the hermit kingdom, no one goes in that the government doesn't want to allow in, and hardly anyone goes out also.

So, in any case, Ortega and Kim are both alive and in good health.

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We will see what will happen in the coming weeks, we have enough with the boring Covid 19 crisis.