People Limits People = Poetry

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Everyone is travelling their own unique journeys at the same time, but the difference is the essence, timing and the rhyme
We are living under one big circle but with our own life circulars, some are feeling the freedom and some are feeling their souls stuck under the jars
Some are hustling in the daylight, some are drowning in the night
At every corner new tension is standing, to overcome from these situations different people holds different ways of handling.

Many are holding chains to pull back others to lead ahead of them, no one is thinking the same
Today the earth is ground of competitions, more problems and less solutions
Wherever you see there is a battle going on, messed up situations are more and very less good things are done
People are trying to find a place which will bring up peace for them for a moment, but life's response is it's not meant.

Someone's dreams are stuck in sleeping mode, going through from humiliating road
But the thing is journey of life inspire people to take a turn towards selfish direction, this means towards the dreams of fellow humans, bias reaction
Some people crosses all the borders, they think they are only the creators
Creating all kinds of obstacles for who are moving forward in life and achieving success, but not ready to confess.

Power of money is kicking people out from their game, people selling their soul for name and fame
Supporting those path which are misguiding masses, inspiring for negative races
Creating all the tools which are filling the lives of very few, building just their own crew
Do you know what is really cruel? It's when people limits people.

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Chiranjeevi Sarikonda


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I know what you mean. also because I catched myself sometimes having thoughts which would keep others in my range. but luckily "only" thoughts not actions. It comes from suffering and thinking not beeing good enoug, wich most part of humans are suffering from. They're as well on their jurney and making experiencies which hopefully bring them at some point that they can love their selves more. And see that give love bringes more than prevent it.
It requires self reflection and will to evolve. Life, Spirit, or how you want to name it pushes us from one direction to the other so we learn out of our failures. but earth is a havy school and everyone is on his right point. that helpes me sometimes to see it positivly. .. or just how it is nor this nor that.

many cheers

Thank you so much for sharing your indepth thoughts with us. And in my opinion definitely it's reflecting as you have deep Inner Knowledge. Stay blessed always. 🙂

Thank you for seeing me.

Heartfilled greetings :)

Welcome and thank you so much. 🙂

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