Planet of Hell - Did You Hear about it !!

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Gliese 581 g Scientists have determined that this hellish planet is the favorite to colonize in the future! But it is never advised to approach him! Why?

This planet orbits a red dwarf star that is several times smaller than our sun, and its brightness is only 1.3% greater than that of our sun.

And this planet is much closer to its star compared to our proximity to the sun, and for this reason it is stuck in the absence of tides, and this means that one side of the planet is always opposite to the star, and the other side is always far away, like the Earth's relationship with the moon.

Because of the ebb and flow, some strange things result, as if you stand on the side that overlooks the planet's star, it will melt instantly from the heat, while if you stand on the other side you will freeze immediately!

However, between these two extremes, there is a small belt that could theoretically be suitable for life!

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Source Of Information: Science Magazine

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