What is the main problem of Steem Blockchain? | I need your answer

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This is a question on Steem Blockchain and I need your answer. It has been more than a year I am waiting for the bearish market of Steem and I do not understand why the price is still very low. I think it is too difficult for Steem comes back to its best price since teen months ago.

What is the main problem of Steem Blockchain?

I do not understand at all. Steem Blockchain has Steemit as its social media and a hundred applications run on it. Do you really understand the main problem of Steem Blockchain? How about the Smart Media Tokens (SMTs)? When does it come as a hero for users on Steem Blockchain? or Is SMTs able to be a real hero? When does it happen?

Will be too many questions with no answers at all?

I do not understand and I am waiting for your answer.


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  ·  8 months ago (edited)

The blockchain of #steem is healthy.
It is running fine.
The price has nothing to do with the blockchain efficiency.
You and many other people that hold the token decide the price.
Example: If you keep buying at the same time and less people are selling, positively there will be a pressure on the price to rise.

What you see lately is more selling than buying. Many people sell steem out on the exchange and price is flat. This is decentralization at best. More sell than buy.
If we stop selling and we buy more you will see a fluctuation.
If we hold steem and power it up, this will help to have less liquid steem in circulation.

My question to you: Why do you sell out #steem that you earn through the tribe when the price is so low?