Gojen in The Soul zzan#1 - Introduce My self in this platform

in zzan •  10 months ago  (edited)


Hello zzan friends,

I am @gojen.gepsol here, I come from Indonesia. Music is my world, I am also a songwriter and have a music recording studio in Indonesia.

This is my first experience in the world of digital currency business. I keep studying it every day, STEEM Blockchain teaches me a lot of things. Until now I can be on this platform.


I ordered 500 zzan in the www.steem-engine.com market but I just got 341 zzan tokens, and this is already very good for the start.

내 영혼의 야망과 정신

어쩌면이 동영상의 음악에 적합한 제목 일 수 있습니다. 방금 제작을 마쳤으며 #zzan 용입니다.



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Wow, rocks~! so fantastic~
Welcome to Steemzzang and thank you for playing guitar~
I think everyone need to watch~

Hey dude, thank you so much 🎸