Movies and science: Why is this mix the hardest?

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What is generally distinguished is that it can take the writer's emotional state and transfer it to the viewer as the author wants it to be transferred. Between the author and the viewer, the director lies, the person who understands the author’s tendency towards perfection, and the viewer’s tendency towards pleasure, after which he decides the method and presentation that he will use to satisfy both trends. But what if the film is scientific? Here, each axis of the former will definitely be affected.

When the movie is scientific, the author must delve deeper into the folds and mysteries of the idea he narrates as a scenario. Here he must create a completely solid scientific ground. Why? Simply because, when laying this floor tightly, all the small details and techniques of the scenes will come out clearly and precisely. Also, the film will not be criticized negatively scientifically if it has a solid ground. And that hardness comes not only through personal research, but also through the use of university professors and scholars in the scientific field of the film, which gives more credibility to the idea and details.

The film also revolves around a scientific idea, which puts the author in trouble. Because he does not guarantee that his idea and details will actually reach the viewer through the communication channel, which is the director. Therefore, in scientific films, their directors must be creative and unique. The director here is required to do the verbs in order to reach the plot in front of him to the top, through studying it and analyzing its content well, to see if that plot is suitable to be dipped in a form of dazzling fantasy, or a form of dark constitutionalism, or any other possible exit mold.

The third drawback is the viewer's acceptance of the film itself. There are many viewers and science movie lovers who do not accept a certain quality due to its poor credibility. For example, do not make a film for me on energetics, then relativity compares a person’s spiritual energy and says that human energy can be transferred to matter by metaphysical dents in the periodic spacetime of the sky guitar! So here, the writer and director must join efforts to produce a work that is largely error free, making it the satisfaction of the scientific and artistic community alike.


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