I have now staked 9.89888 ZZAN and 7 705.181 SPORTS

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Hello, Steemians,

I would like to inform you that my journey of staking on different Steem platform or tribes keep growing every day that passes.

I have a mission of powering up everything I get from various Steem tribes.

I have a mission of staking very thing I get for one year.

I believe by doing so I can change my standard of living.

I was very happy to receive my first ZZAN tokens worth of 9.89888 ZZAN.

That is the reason why I decided to stake them.

I believe it is important to keep staking on different Steem tribes.

My ZZAN power has moved from 0.0000 ZZAN vote value to 0.00245 ZZAN just as you can see in the screenshots below.

I also powered 7 705.181 SPORTS I and looking towards making 10K sports power before the end of today.

Screenshots below;


Screenshot from 2019-08-14 07-27-56.png

Thanks to everyone who has shown me love on Steemit by voting my posts every day.

I have hope that we are going to work together for the goodness of this platform.

One love.

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